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Dear Crafters,

Due to COVID last year 2020 and the ongoing change in Levels and third wave expectations, I will not be giving workshops in the foreseeable future

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Hello, I’m Tina Schilling of Deco-Gecko - Décor Crafts and Workshops.  I am a   home-based and highly creative freelance teacher, based in Durbanville, and have given workshops for many years.  Décor and Technique classes are offered in many disciplines such as decoupage and all its applications, basic mosaicsmixed media art, textured art, wood craft painting and embossing with aluminium shim foil – a pewter look-alike technique.

Class sizes are kept small for individual attention, and materials, tools or kits are supplied for each student unless specified.  There is no experience level required – each project is a “make-and-take” and is completed in the workshop time. I also provide workshops for a minimum amount of people, in the comfort of your own home as fun, “as-you-like-it” classes with friends and family. Team-building /”just-for-fun” workshops for the corporate sector  can also be catered for and customised, as a unique and creative way to uplift your team and challenge the crafter in everybody.

Feel free to browse through the techniques covered below - and should you want to view current workshops being held, arrange for a workshop in your area, or have course/booking queries, or just a question,
feel free to contact me

Happy Crafting!

The "Deco-Dictionary" guide to the craft techniques offered

Decoupage is the art of decorating an object/surface by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf  and resin finishes. Surfaces range from wood, fabric, stone, glass terracotta, in fact just about any surface.  Multiple coats of certain glues and finishes  are applied until the "stuck on" appearance of the images disappears and the result looks like painting or inlay work. The traditional technique used 30-40 layers of varnish which were then sanded to a polished finish!  These days a far more simplified and faster method is used and I call it New Decoupage.

Mixed Media Art is an easy décor art form created on wooden canvas or artist canvas, and includes the use of texture pastes, gels, paints, papers, glues, wire, mosaics, aluminium foil, buttons, fabrics, found objects, beads, metal bits, fibres, things from nature, and paint.   The beauty of mixed media art is the flexibility to start with things around you and expand from there.  You don’t need fine art or drawing skills and it opens up a world of creativity for those who would like to make their art piece  but can’t draw!

Mosaic is the art of creating an image, pattern or shape with a composition of small pieces of coloured glass, mirror, stained glass, known as tesserae, as well as stones, beads and other items found around and about (called findings).  In other words almost like “painting with pieces”.  This can be done for small décor items such as plant pots, wooden items like house numbers, wooden hearts and crosses and for the more advanced mosaicist, larger installations on inside /outer walls, floor and countertops.

Woodcraft Painting (American woodcraft painting) – create your own unique characters from Christmas decorations, angels garden signs, and children’s décor using paint techniques such as stenciling, shading,  line work, stippling on wooden cut outs,  From modern, bright colours to the more rustic, simple look – it is completely up to you !

Sculpt with Shim Foil  – using thick aluminium foil (shim)  and embossing tools, learn to decorate wooden crosses, hearts, caddies , cards and shapes such as birds.  Looks like pewter but cheaper and easier!

Paint Techniques - Learn several uncomplicated paint techniques on sample boards with notes.  Some examples of effects are faux wood, wax distressing, faux rust, weathered crackle, gilding, dragging and embossed effects with tissue paper.  These can be used for enhancing decoupage products, décor objects and small furniture items in your home after the workshop !

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